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May 2020

Lockdown and Corona Virus Effect on Bucks Foot Clinic

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Lockdown and corona virus and Behind the Scenes

2020 will be a year we will remember and will be one for the history books.
We are glad to see that we are slowly going back to normal.
A global pandemic, something from fiction became our reality. It stopped everyone from going about their routines and closed businesses. For a large number of our patients it meant shielding and cocooning. After 8 weeks of forced closure with only emergency treatments being offered, we are permitted to re-open.

To reassure all our patients, there has been a deep clean of the premises, appointment gaps ensure minimal contact and allow a full wipe down between clients and the clinicians are wearing full personal protective equipment (gloves, apron, mask and visors). Please do not feel intimidated by any of this, it is intended to provide reassurance and keep all parties as safe as possible. It is very likely that we will be working in this way for many months, if you do not feel confident and comfortable to attend at this time, contact as and when you are, in the meantime if you require advice on self-management or need any products to assist you, please do not hesitate to call.

You may wonder what the team have been up to over the lockdown….

Behind the scenes…

Podiatrists were classed as keyworkers and essential in the prevention of additional stress on the NHS, we have all undertaken care of high risk category patients and emergencies through this period. Where possible we have kept in touch with our patients and been available for advice and support.

When you book for your appointment you will notice a few changes to how the clinics are run, this is for everyone’s safety and to minimise any transfer risks. Most notably you will see that the podiatrist are wearing visors, masks, aprons and gloves.

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Leena lakhani

Leena has been busy preparing the various measures necessary to enable the clinic to reopen. The time to enjoy some family time and cooking up tasty treats, something that as a busy practice owner is a rarity. With a houseful of teenagers, there is never a dull moment!

Leena LakhaniBSc (Hons) MSChP – HPC Registered | Society Of Podiatrists And Chiropodists

Genevieve managed to complete on her house sale and moved as lockdown hit, although all her possessions are still in store until mid-June. The unexpected free time has meant lovely canal sidewalks in her new locality. She was also able to use the time to catch up on some CPD and general training, as well as taking up a new hobby - beaded jewelry making.

Genevieve StrowgerBSc (Hons) MSChP – HPC Registered | Society Of Podiatrists And Chiropodists

Sonal has been very busy working on the frontline in the NHS, seeing patients in hospital and in the community, in and around London. As a team we are very proud of her contribution during this challenging time and I am sure she will have a few tales to tell!

SonalBSc (Hons) MSChP – HPC Registered | Society Of Podiatrists And Chiropodists

Jez unfortunately contracted Covid and although poorly for several weeks, is now recovering and looking forward to getting back to work and treating patients. We wish him the best  We hope to get a flattering picture of him in PPE when he is up and working.

We very much look forward to seeing you fit, well and safe

Leena and the team at Bucks Foot Clinic


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Small, spreading viral lesions. Unsightly and unpleasant, difficult to resolve.

If you or someone in your family or household has ever had these, you will very likely have at least dabbled with self-treatment and in some cases attempted to utilise the powers of folklore.
In the textbooks they are referred to as self-limiting benign tumors of the skin, that is to say that they are likely to resolve spontaneously and are no harm.

In reality, there are a large number of verruca which spread rapidly, cause pain and don’t seem to be affected by any number of treatments.

If there was one, absolute cure on the market, all the other self treatment / over the counter products would disappear…

However, there is a new therapy available through a registered podiatrist, which is a real game changer.

Swift, this deploys microwaves through a precise probe directly onto the lesion.

It is having a huge impact on the cure rate of even the most stubborn verruca.

It has a number of advantages over other self-applications and professional products.

There is no paste or liquid applied, therefore no dressing or padding required. This means that the foot can be showered and normal footwear worn.

The treatment time is a matter of minutes, although some describe some discomfort, it is generally less than and in shorter bursts than cryotherapy.

Treatment plans are usually for 3 treatments over a number of weeks, with the option to purchase the treatment as a package or singles.

Bucks foot clinic podiatrists are all trained and experienced in the use of swift. Book a consultation and find out which treatment is best for you.


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Verrucae and Wart

Verrucas / Warts

By home, Treatment

These are often confused with corns. Corns are thick skin on your feet that are painful when you walk. Verrucae and Warts are viral infections that cause think skins, and these hurt when you walk.

Verrucae are a type of wart that develops and affects the bottom of your feet. They are generally harmless. However if not treated promptly they can take months and sometimes years to get rid of.

Warts can and do spread around the body and they can be passed onto other people. This means that you can infect other people in the family, or can be infected by them. It is normal to get them when you share changing rooms or shower facilities (like swimming pools, or gyms) with other people.

Like most infections, they can be removed. Please do not worry, we here at Bucks Foot Clinic can assist you. We can tell you if you have a corn or a verruca’s, and we can help you manage this. We can make sure you have the correct tools to get rid of them.

Top 10 ways to prevent Verrucas / Warts

  • Always avoid direct contact with warts, this includes your own warts, always remember to wash your hands after touching the warts / verruca.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry, change your socks shoes regularly.
  • Avoid walking barefoot around swimming pools locker rooms and gym’s
  • Do not pick, scratch warts. They are viral infections and can spread easily
  • Do not use the same emery board, pumice stone, or nail clippers that you would use on healthy skin.
  • Do not share nail clippers, pumice stones or emery boards with other people. You can pass the infection to them or get it from them
  • Boil / wash you socks and bedsheets to prevent passing the virus to other people
  • Wear a pair of verrucae socks or use a use a transparent verrucae spray which can stop you getting re-infected.
  • Do not share socks or shoes with other people
  • Wear flip-flops or wet shoes in communal areas. This prevents the infection of your feet. Keep a pair of flip-flops or wet shoes when you go to the pools or to the changing room shower.

Over the counter medicines rarely work. They are not as strong as the medicines given by us, as your podiatrists. We can make sure that we fit the right treatment to your verruca.

The longer it is left, the harder it is to remove, and more invasive methods are needed to aggressively attack the verruca infection.

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Some of the methods we use include

At Bucks Foot Clinic, we have invested in the latest technologies. The latest machine in the fight against verruca is the Swift microwave machine. We have used this over the last few months with excellent results on stubborn verrucae.
We can use stronger acids (like the ones found in over the counter packaging) to make sure the verruca is cleared out.

We can freeze or use Cryosurgery to freeze the verruca. This is used by applying liquid nitrogen onto the verruca. We can use chemical therapy (chemotherapy), where we use a selection of different chemicals and acids to treat the virus.

We can use, dry needling, where we can force the blood in the body to fight the verruca naturally. This can remove the most stubborn verrucae. We also use homeopathy where we use natural algae to help the body fight the verruca.

With so many options available on the table, and with your particular case, we can find the right solution to get rid of your verruca.

We can use the latest state of the art equipment, or we can work the natural methods to remove the verruca that is there. Together we can find the perfect solution.

Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing Toenails

By home, Treatment

We are a regional specialist in ingrown toenails.

We promise you a fast consultation and solution. We make sure that after we have seen you, we will work to find relief to your painful swollen toenail. After diagnosis, of your inflamed toe, we make sure that you to get pain relief with or without surgery so that you are back on your feet.

Not every ingrown toenail, needs surgery. If it is required, we have years of experience, so you know that you are in the best possible care. Why suffer in pain, when rapid relief is possible.

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The top 10 ways to manage Ingrown Toenails

  • If your toes are inflamed, soak them in salty water 3-4 times a day. This will reduce the swelling and reduces the tenderness in your feet.
  • Raise the toenail by putting cotton wool, or dental floss under the toenail. This will raise the nail, decreasing the chances of the nail to grow over the edge of the skin.
  • Cut your toenails flat. Do not cut the nails in a curve, to follow the shape of the toe. This also applies if you go to a salon. If you have a condition with poor blood flow (like diabetes), ask a Podiatrist, to help with cutting your nails.
  • Keep the nails at medium length – If your nails are too short, the shoes you wear may force the nails to grow into the toenail tissue causing them to get inflamed.
  • Make sure your shoes fit well. Tight shoes, or shoes that pinch, put extra pressure on the nail, and can damage the feet. If you have any form of nerve damage in your feet, you may not notice that the shoes are fitting correctly. Take care, and get the right advice from the shoe store, to get the best for your feet. There are specialist stores with experience in fitting shoes for people with foot problems.
  • Wear protective shoes – If you are in a position where your feet may be injured, protective shoes or footwear, can help manage any damage to your toes.
  • Check your feet – If you are a diabetic, or you have any other issues, it is recommended that you check your feet daily for ingrown toenails (as well as other foot problems)
  • If you have open wounds, it is recommended that you keep them clean, and keep them open to help the wounds heal. It is strongly recommended that you visit us, or your local podiatrist, to make sure that the correct dressing is applied.
  • Do not cut your nails if you have ingrown toenails. We offer guidance and training, for you to cut your nails properly so that the condition is not made worse.
  • Do not peel or bite your nails. This increases the chance of your condition getting worse.

The top 10 ways to manage Ingrown Toenails

Solutions for In-grown toe nails

  • It is possible for us to trim the nails, to remove the pressure on the toes, and done on a regular basis, this is a great solution for some people who do not need surgery. This can prevent or delay the need for surgery.
  • We can do nail surgery, where we can remove part of the nail so that when you wear slippers or sandals, it still looks natural. This way, your ingrown toenails do not impact your life. This could be a permanent solution for a happier you.

Why suffer in pain. Why wait to get your nails resolved. We will help you manage and/or fix your issue with ingrown nails.

Ingrown toes nails, that are not looked after, have a higher chance of bacterial infections. Talk to us to get the best solution for you. We will advise you of all your options, and help you manage this.