Small, spreading viral lesions. Unsightly and unpleasant, difficult to resolve.

If you or someone in your family or household has ever had these, you will very likely have at least dabbled with self-treatment and in some cases attempted to utilise the powers of folklore.
In the textbooks they are referred to as self-limiting benign tumors of the skin, that is to say that they are likely to resolve spontaneously and are no harm.

In reality, there are a large number of verruca which spread rapidly, cause pain and don’t seem to be affected by any number of treatments.

If there was one, absolute cure on the market, all the other self treatment / over the counter products would disappear…

However, there is a new therapy available through a registered podiatrist, which is a real game changer.

Swift, this deploys microwaves through a precise probe directly onto the lesion.

It is having a huge impact on the cure rate of even the most stubborn verruca.

It has a number of advantages over other self-applications and professional products.

There is no paste or liquid applied, therefore no dressing or padding required. This means that the foot can be showered and normal footwear worn.

The treatment time is a matter of minutes, although some describe some discomfort, it is generally less than and in shorter bursts than cryotherapy.

Treatment plans are usually for 3 treatments over a number of weeks, with the option to purchase the treatment as a package or singles.

Bucks foot clinic podiatrists are all trained and experienced in the use of swift. Book a consultation and find out which treatment is best for you.


Say goodbye to foot pain