Should I Visit A Podiatrist For Verruca Removal Amersham?

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Should I Visit A Podiatrist For Verruca Removal Amersham?

Warts or Verrucas are widespread infections that occur in the outer layers of the skin. They are contagious and can quickly spread from person to person. They are also very stubborn and quite challenging to remove. There are several types of Verruca Treatment available; however, the SWIFT machine treatment is by far the best way to treat all kinds of warts and verrucas.

What is SWIFT machine verruca treatment?

SWIFT machine is the latest medical microwave technology that is highly effective in treating warts, verrucae, or papillomas.
A SWIFT machine uses a microwave signal emitted through a special probe into the skin. This simple process stimulates an immune response from the body, which ultimately causes the body’s immune system to recognise the wart virus and kill it.
The following are some of the benefits of visiting a podiatrist for Verruca Removal Amersham using SWIFT machine treatment.

Benefits of SWIFT machine treatment

Microwave technology has been used for more than three decades to treat liver, lung, kidney and breast cancer.
The controlled power of microwaves can effectively and quickly destroy all infected tissue, leaving the body to replace the affected tissue.

  1. 86% Success Rate
    According to the latest study, when compared to traditional treatments, SWIFT machine treatment has been found to have a success rate of about 86 per cent. Not only is it super effective, it is also fast. You only need a few treatments for a complete Verruca Removal Amersham.
  2. No Mess
    Unlike traditional treatments, SWIFT machine treatment does not require lotions, dressings or bandages. There is no need to burn or freeze the skin using acids or worry about extreme self-care.

Just pop along to your local podiatrist for SWIFT machine treatment and get rid of your wart or verruca with absolutely no mess.

Who can benefit from it?

Almost anyone who is suffering from stubborn warts and verrucas can use the SWIFT machine. However, if the following apply to you, it is better to consult a podiatrist first.

  • Metal plates, pins or replacement joints in the ankle or foot
  • Pacemaker
  • Poor peripheral circulation
  • Poor healing capacity
  • Immune suppression
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Very low pain threshold

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Does it hurt?

Just like any other treatment, SWIFT machine treatment can cause some discomfort. It is also possible to feel minor pain during treatments though the sensation varies from person to person.
A few people describe the sensation as similar to a prick with a needle, but others find it more painful.
It is also essential to know that SWIFT machine treatment is applied for around 5 seconds at a time, meaning that the discomfort will only last for a couple of seconds before disappearing.

What can I do after my treatment?

Usually, any discomfort or pain ends as soon as the treatment finishes. However, it is entirely possible to feel some minor discomfort when you have reached home.
The best part about trying SWIFT machine treatment is that there is no broken skin, requiring no dressings. After your treatment, you can do whatever you like. You can go to the gym, go dancing, running, etc.

Will the wart or verruca come back?

Once the wart or verruca is removed, it is usually gone for good. Although the SWIFT machine has prompted an immune response that resulted in antibodies’ production, there is still no guarantee that your wart or verruca won’t come back in the future.


Hopefully, this article has delivered you all the information needed to decide whether you should visit a podiatrist for SWIFT Machine Treatment.
The decision is all yours. However, if you are interested, visit Bucks Foot Clinic and let our expert podiatrist look at your wart or verruca.

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