Looking For Verruca Removal in Amersham? Try Our SWIFT Machine Treatment.

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The days of the dreaded verruca being tough to treat are long gone! You can get SWIFT machine treatment and say goodbye to the verrucas that have been constantly pursuing your foot thanks to evergreen technology. Read on to learn more about verrucas and how SWIFT therapy in Little Chalfont and Beaconsfield can help you treat them.

What Are Verruca?

You might probably be confused if you aren’t aware of what a verruca is. Verruca are contagious lumps/warts that occur on the soles of your feet and are often unpleasant. They are frequently confused with corns, although they are not the same.

To learn more about the differences between verrucas and corns, and verrucas in general you can read our blog post about it!

What Is SWIFT Machine Treatment?

SWIFT is a relatively new technology that’s been developed and licensed by podiatrists all over. Using microwave energy, SWIFT treatment treats the afflicted area with a probe placed on the skin. You can get rid of as many verrucas and warts in one sitting using SWIFT Machine Treatment, and it’s rapid and painless. The icing on the cake is that no anesthetics or dressings are required afterwards!

How Does Verruca Removal in Amersham Work?

As mentioned earlier, SWIFT uses microwave energy to aid in the healing of the affected area of your skin. You don’t have to worry about puncturing or damaging your skin with SWIFT, the treatment is rapid and effective. It uses the same technology that has been successfully utilised to treat cancer for the past 30 years. The SWIFT Machine Treatment is a non-invasive, highly successful technique. The best strategy to cure verrucas, as with other skin disorders and infections, is to activate the body’s immune system and enable it to naturally heal and eliminate the infected region. SWIFT therapy accomplishes exactly this. It utilizes microwave technology to send electromagnetic waves deep into the affected area, triggering the verruca’s immune system to begin the self-healing process while also eradicating the verruca.

Does SWIFT Machine Treatment Hurt?

Treatment for most skin issues can be slightly unpleasant. With regards to verrucas the situation is very similar. You may experience some discomfort throughout the therapy, although pain is a highly subjective experience. Although some people may find it more uncomfortable than others, the SWIFT Machine Treatment is generally considered to be painless. People who have had SWIFT therapy have described it as feeling like a sudden heat that lasts for 2-3 seconds before dissipating. You don’t need anesthetics for the treatment, however, if you have a low pain threshold, you can use them 45 minutes before the appointment. Your podiatrist may even recommend surgery depending on the size of your verruca.

How Many Sessions Will I Need With My Podiatrist?

A single session may be sufficient to eliminate a verruca or wart in some circumstances. In fact, many verrucas can frequently be removed in a single session. However, like with anything, the number of sittings required might be highly subjective. Everything hinges on how your body responds to the treatment. Because no two people are alike, some people may require more than one session, while others may be satisfied with just one. According to recent studies, the optimum outcomes are obtained by scheduling three sessions at four-week intervals. Your podiatrist may figure out these details with you and give you a better estimate of how many sittings you’ll need based on how your body responds.

What You Can Expect With SWIFT Treatment

The SWIFT Machine Treatment is a breeze! After cleaning the verruca, the probe is placed over the affected area and a precise and highly controlled amount of energy is delivered to it. When electromagnetic waves strike contaminated tissue, the temperature rises, killing the diseased cells. This also activates your body’s self-healing system, which ensures that the tissue begins self-repairing and producing fresh and new cells on its own.

SWIFT treatment gives you exactly what you expect, just as the name implies; a rapid and painless procedure. The zap lasts 2-5 seconds, and each verruca receives at least four zaps.

The “pain” is tolerable for most people, and the treatment has been compared to the sensation of a short injection.

The area may feel sore after the treatment, but you can still go about your daily activities as usual as long as you don’t put too much weight on your foot.

The total number of sessions required for SWIFT Treatments depends on the size, location, duration, number of verrucas on your feet, and how your body responds to the therapy. The recommended number of sessions (as previously stated) is three, with a four-week gap between them.

The verruca will not change in look after your initial sitting, but don’t give up hope. Although the visible results are slow, the healing process remains strong. All you need is a little patience, and after all of your sessions, you’ll see worthwhile results! Your immune system will need some time to catch up, which is why most treatments call for a four-week break to allow your body to adjust properly.

Is SWIFT Machine Treatment Right For Me?

SWIFT therapy is suitable for almost anybody with skin lesions, with a few limitations (listed below). SWIFT Machine Treatment is appropriate for older children as well as low-risk diabetics with good blood circulation. Your podiatrist will analyze you and give you advice before beginning therapy.

SWIFT Treatment may not be appropriate for you if:

  • If you have heart problems or wear a pacemaker, SWIFT Treatment may not be right for you.
  • In your feet, you have nerve damage.
  • You have diabetes or weak circulation (high-risk)
  • Your feet/ankles have metal pins/plates/replacement joints.
  • Your body isn’t very good at healing.
  • You’re taking immunosuppressive medications as a result of cancer treatment or rheumatoid arthritis (since they lower your immunity)
  • You are under the age of ten.
  • You have a high pain threshold (fear not, however, because in this case, you can use analgesics and go ahead with the procedure)
  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and your immune system is in a state of flux during this time. As a result, the SWIFT Treatment may not be as effective.


Now that you understand SWIFT Machine Treatment better, you’ll be more inclined to try it out on your verrucae. Book an appointment with our Podiatrists at Bucks Foot Clinic to receive the best SWIFT Treatment in town.

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