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There are lots of issues you can face with your feet, but among the most annoying and unattractive ones is Verrucae. Luckily for you, there is now a permanent solution to this problem that prevents it from recurring ever again. SWIFT Machine Treatment is the best way to permanently treat your Verrucae, so you never have to worry about them coming back again.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about SWIFT Treatment in Beaconsfield and Little Chalfont.

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What Are Verrucae?

Before we tell you everything you need to know about SWIFT Machine Treatment, we’ll explain what Verrucae are.

Verruca infections are a virus. It is caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and is highly contagious. Verrucas on feet are commonly spotted on the soles of the areas around one’s toes. These viruses thrive in moist environments and tend to cyclically be an outbreak in children at the park (like hand, foot, mouth disease). Verrucas tend to look kind of like cauliflowers, but then they flatten up because of pressure when they are on the soles of your feet.

Sometimes verrucas can be painless, but more often than not they are very uncomfortable and even painful to deal with. They can disappear overnight, or can be persistent for years on end. They are highly contagious and so they spread from person to person in a seemingly never ending cycle. They are spread through both direct and indirect skin contact, so they really are a virus to look out for!

What Is SWIFT Treatment in Little Chalfont?

 SWIFT is a relatively new technology that’s been developed in the UK, and has been licensed for treating verrucas by podiatrists all over. SWIFT uses microwave energy, delivered through a probe which is put on the skin to treat the affected area. With SWIFT Machine Treatment, you can get rid of multiple verrucas and warts in just one sitting, and it’s quick and efficient in doing so. The cherry on top is that you don’t require anaesthetics of dressings afterwards!

Is SWIFT Machine Treatment Painful?

 Treatment for most skin issues can be slightly uncomfortable. It’s the same for verrucas as well. You may feel a slight amount of discomfort during the treatment, but pain is a very subjective thing. Some people may find it more painful than others but the general consensus is that SWIFT Machine Treatment is not too painful. A common comparison made by people who’ve undergone SWIFT treatment is that it feels like a sudden heat that lasts for 2-3 seconds and then subsides. You don’t require anaesthetics for the treatment, but if you feel like you have a very low pain tolerance, you can choose to apply them 45 minutes prior to the session. Depending on the size of your verruca, your podiatrist may even choose to reduce the lesion with a blade.

How It Works

As mentioned earlier, SWIFT uses microwave energy to help heal the infected area of your skin. With SWIFT, you don’t puncture or damage the skin, and the treatment is quick and effective. It uses the same technology that’s been used to effectively treat cancer for the last 30 odd years. SWIFT Machine Treatment is completely non-invasive and is a super effective procedure. As it is with most skin conditions and viruses, the best way to treat verrucas is by triggering the body’s immune system to allow it to naturally heal and clear the infected area. This is precisely what SWIFT treatment does. It uses microwave technology to make electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into the infected area to alert the immune system of the verruca to instigate the self-healing process, while also destroying the verruca as well.

Can I Get Swift Machine Treatment in Beaconsfield?

If you’re wondering whether you can get SWIFT Machine Treatment, here’s your answer. Pretty much anyone with skin lesions can undergo SWIFT treatment, but there are a few exceptions (listed below). SWIFT Machine Treatment is suitable for children who are older, and also low-risk diabetics with good circulation in their bodies. Before undergoing treatment, your podiatrist will assess you and advise you accordingly.

SWIFT Treatment may not be suited to you if:

  • You have heart problems or wear a pacemaker
  • You have nerve damage in your feet
  • You have poor circulation or diabetes (high-risk)
  • You have metal pins/plates/replacement joints in your feet/ankles
  • Your body doesn’t heal too well
  • You’re on immunosuppressive drugs from cancer treatment/rheumatoid arthritis (since they lower your immunity)
  • You are under 10 years old
  • You’re very sensitive to pain (fear not, however, because in this case, you can use analgesics and go ahead with the procedure)

You’re pregnant/breastfeeding since your immune system is very turbulent during this period. So, the SWIFT Treatment results may not be as successful.


Now that you know about SWIFT Machine Treatment and how it can help you permanently fix your problem, you may be wondering where you can undergo this process.

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