What to look for when finding shoes for foot pain in Beaconsfield

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What to look for when finding shoes for foot pain in Beaconsfield

Foot pain can prevent you from doing things such as your daily routine, especially the activities where you need to stay on your feet.
Foot pain can range from mild to severe and may last a short time or be a constant issue, also classed as chronic pain.
Luckily, some experts and professionals can help find the best shoes for foot pain in Beaconsfield to get rid of the discomfort and get back on our feet.

How to find the best shoes for foot pain in Beaconsfield?

Before setting out to buy shoes to tackle the pain in your feet, you need to understand the root cause of the problem.
There can be many reasons for your foot pain, and some of them will require help from foot doctors or foot specialists near you.
Usually, lifestyle choices are the cause of foot pain. For example, wearing the wrong shoe shape or size, not using insoles can place a great deal of pressure on your feet.
In such cases, choosing the right size and trying out your shoes on different surfaces can help ease your foot pain.
However, there are some medical problems as well that can be the underlying cause of foot pain. In such cases, you’ll need to consult a foot specialist near you in Beaconsfield who can examine your problem and suggest customised shoes for maximum comfort.
Shopping for shoes when you have foot pain is not an easy task. You want to be sure that you are spending your money on the right product that will keep you comfortable at all times.

Here are a few factors to consider when buying new shoes:

  • Arch height
    The arch of your insoles should fit perfectly with the contours of your feet. If the shoe arch is too high or too roomy, the shoe is not suitable for your feet.
  • Firm support
    If the insoles of shoes are too flexible or too cushioned, they will not help ease your pain for too long. So instead, shoes should provide firm insole support.
  • High quality
    The majority of the time, you will have to replace the shoes’ insoles, which can be expensive. Therefore, when buying shoes, choose durable shoes that will last a long time.

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Dealing with foot pain

There are some cases where you should consult your doctor, such as:

  • when your pain is sudden
  • you get injured
  • you can not place any weight on your feet

Bucks foot clinic has a team of foot doctors in Beaconsfield who provide high-quality personalised treatment for your feet. They help you find the right shoes for foot pain in Beaconsfield.
With the right equipment and expertise, the doctors will help eradicate your discomfort. For example, the doctor will examine your feet, watch how you walk, notice the movements in your feet and legs, etc.
Depending on the severity of your foot pain, your foot doctor will guide you on what shoes to wear. These shoes are of great use to keep your feet in an optimal position and eliminate the factors that cause pain.
The doctors might suggest using orthotics, medical devices you wear inside your shoes to correct foot problems. These devices help ease your foot pain and avoid surgery in the future.
Other than that, it would help if you always took measures to prevent discomfort. For example, choose the right shoes for your foot pain, avoid heels and narrow toe areas, stretch before exercise and practice good foot hygiene.


When choosing shoes when you suffer from foot pain, your best bet is to consult with a foot specialist. When buying shoes, try on different styles to find which shoe feels best on your feet.
If you are looking for a foot specialist near you in Beaconsfield, feel free to contact Bucks foot clinic who will be happy to advise you and it is never too late to start wearing good shoes.

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