Things to look for when finding a chiropodist near me in Chesham

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Things to look for when finding a chiropodist near me in Chesham

If you have ever suffered from any foot problems, a chiropodist near me, Chesham, is your ideal solution. Also known as podiatrists in some regions, chiropodists are healthcare professionals trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the feet and lower limbs.
Chiropodists help prevent and correct deformities, keep you mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections. A chiropodist can advise you on how to take care of your feet and what type of shoes to wear.

What treatments can I get from a chiropodist near me in Chesham?

Chiropody treatments in Chesham include alleviating foot problems, including:

  1. Corns and calluses – These are hard or thick areas of skin on the feet that can cause distress or pain while walking. A chiropodist can remove them, allowing you to walk pain-free.
  2. Athletes foot – Athletes foot is a fungal infection that causes rashes that sting and itch. It is infectious and often reoccurs if not appropriately treated. A chiropodist will treat the condition while ensuring it doesn’t come back.
  3. Verrucas – Verrucas are like standing on a needle. They are infectious and take a long time to go away, even when taking medication. Chiropodists have specialised treatment procedures for verrucas that can treat them quickly and efficiently.

Some other common problems dealt with by chiropody treatments in Chesham includes:

  1. Toenail problems
  2. Smelly feet
  3. Dry and cracked feet
  4. Flat feet
  5. Bunions
  6. Heel pain
  7. Ageing feet
  8. Blisters or gouts
  9. Sports injuries

Chiropodists in Chesham can also supply orthotics, which are tailor-made devices worn inside shoes to prevent pain and discomfort.

What should you do before an appointment?

Given below is a list of things you can do to ensure that your consultation with a chiropodist in Chesham is fruitful:

  1. Make a list of concerns and questions you might have. Write down when the problem started, what aggravates it, where it occurs and how often.
  2. If there are specific shoes that cause you discomfort, take them to your chiropodist. The shoes will help them identify the problem, thereby making your diagnosis quicker.
  3. If you have sprained your ankle, visit a chiropodist. They can help make sure that your ligaments heal properly.

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What to expect at the first consultation?

Typically, the chiropodist takes a complete medical history and carries out basic tests on the first consultation. For example, they might look at how you walk and how your legs and back move with each step.
If they find any problem, they will generate a diagnosis and treatment plan. Most of the issues a chiropodist will encounter are minor and are easily treated on the spot.
If your foot problems make it difficult or painful to walk, the chiropodists in Chesham will arrange a home visit.

How to make sure the chiropodist is qualified?

A chiropodist must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) or be a member of a medical organisation like the College of Podiatry. You can easily search it up on the web and look for their name and qualifications.

How to care for your feet later on?

Chiropodists suggest that you avoid wearing shoes with pointy toes or flat soles as they may put pressure at the wrong point on your feet. Many people do not realise this, but it is essential to clean your shoes every so often.
It is also important to throw away old shoes after you have worn them. Old shoes will lose their shape and rigidity. Poorly shaped shoes will also lead to further foot problems.
Cleaning your feet daily and cutting your nails straight across can save you from foot fungus or ingrown nails.
Lastly, to save your feet from calluses and open sores, apply lotion to your feet every time you wash them.
To sum up, foot care is critical if you want to continue your activities without any pain. If you feel like you need chiropodist treatments in Chesham, contact us today. We have treated thousands of patients with amazing satisfactory results.

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