Symptoms of diabetes and diabetic care in Beaconsfield

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Diabetes is the most prevalent illness of our generation. The amount of people being diagnosed with diabetes has exponentially increased in the last few years globally.
In addition, the amount of unhealthy and processed food consumed in young people and children has increased the number of people diagnosed with diabetes.
Diabetes can create diet restrictions as well as negatively affects the body functions and energy levels. Currently, there is no cure for diabetes. However, doctors advise patients to exercise, practice a healthy diet, and manage weight loss.
For people not suffering from diabetes or are borderline diabetes, you can take preventive measures yourself. First, look for any possible symptoms and if you are unsure, then visit diabetic care in Beaconsfield has to offer.

What are the top 5 symptoms of diabetes?

You might be aware that most forms of diabetes are either type 1 or type 2, both having different symptoms and different treatment methods.
Gestational diabetes is another type of diabetes common in pregnant women. Gestational diabetes disappears after the birth of the baby.
Type 2 diabetes patients do not feel any symptoms for a long time, or sometimes they never feel any symptoms. Whereas type 1 patients may feel nausea, vomiting or pain in their stomach in addition to the symptoms given below:

  1. Feeling thirst and hunger
    Also known as polydipsia, the feeling of thirst is caused due to the high blood sugar levels in your body. Whereas, due to diabetes, the body fails to convert food to energy, which is why many people feel hungry and fatigued even after eating.
    Some people might even lose weight without doing anything. This happens because the body starts burning fat when it cannot get energy from the food.
  2. Urinating often
    Diabetes can cause you to urinate more than you normally do, especially during the night. It happens because your body cannot filter out the glucose from your blood, causing the kidneys to make more urine. Polyuria is the medical term for this symptom.
  3. Blurry vision
    When the levels of fluids in the body change, it can lead to swelling on lenses inside the eyes. The swelling changes the shape of the lens, leading to blurry vision. Late treatment can even lead to permanent loss of eyesight.
  4. Dry and itchy skin
    As your body is releasing essential fluids in urine, other parts of your body may become dehydrated leading to dryness and itchiness.
  5. Nerve damage
    High blood sugar levels can negatively affect your nerves and stop proper blood circulation. This can prevent or delay proper healing when you get wounded. Not only that, but damaged nerves can also cause numbness and tingling in your feet, hands and legs, called neuropathy.
    You can get help from a foot doctor in Beaconsfield who has experience in treating nerve damage in feet and legs.
    It is really important to timely visit a doctor and gets diabetic care treatment in Beaconsfield if you face any of these symptoms.
    Neglecting these symptoms or delaying the treatment can lead to heart complications, stroke, vision loss, and kidney diseases. This is why it is important to get regular check-ups diabetic care in Beaconsfield.

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How diabetic care in Beaconsfield is helpful?

Catching these symptoms early can significantly help in getting the diagnosis and treatment sooner. The doctors may suggest some changes in lifestyle which can prevent the condition from worsening and control your blood sugar levels.
The doctors might suggest medication to help keep fluid levels stable in the body.
In addition, support from reliable and experienced doctors can significantly play a part in improving your health.
Expert foot doctors in Beaconsfield at Bucksfoot clinic can help with nerve damage in your feet as well as offer diabetic foot care. They have worked with many diabetic patients throughout the years and offer reliable diabetic foot care in Beaconsfield.


To summarise, it is really important to take care of your diet and lifestyle choices to stay away from diabetes. Regularly examining yourself for the symptoms and keeping your body in check can help you get an early diagnosis and prevent future complications.
As a diabetic patient, you should get routine diabetic care in Beaconsfield or visit the expert foot doctors in Beaconsfield. These regular checks can not only help you feel better but also identify the early warning signs.

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