Fungal nail infections can be unsightly and bothersome, but the good news is that effective treatments are available. Thus in this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Curanail treatment, and surgical spirit for fungal nail infection, helping you make an informed decision about the best approach for your needs.

Understanding Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections typically occur when microscopic fungi, such as dermatophytes, invade the nails, leading to various distressing symptoms. Recognizing what a fungal nail looks like is the first step in addressing this condition effectively.
As a matter of fact, over 10% of the UK population has experienced fungal nail infections, making it a common dermatological issue. These infections can impact daily life, and choosing the right treatment option is essential for effective management.

Characteristics of Fungal Nail Infections: Fungal nail infections can manifest differently depending on their severity and the type of fungus involved. So here are a few indicators to keep an eye on::

  • Thickening: Fungal infections can cause the affected nail to thicken. This thickening often leads to an irregular and distorted nail shape.
  • Brittle Nails: Infected nails tend to become brittle and may crumble or split easily. This can be particularly troublesome and uncomfortable.
  • Nail Disfigurement: In severe cases, fungal infections can also cause significant nail disfigurement, such as nail separating from the nail bed, a condition known as onycholysis.
  • Foul Odour: Some individuals may notice a foul odour emanating from the infected nail. This odour typically occurs due to the fungal overgrowth.
  • Pain and Discomfort: Fungal nail infections can be painful, especially when the nails thicken and press against shoes or other nails.

Early Detection and Treatment: Early detection of a fungal nail infection is of the utmost importance for effective treatment. In fact, ignoring the symptoms can lead to the infection spreading to other nails or even to the skin. Furthermore, fungal nail infections are often stubborn and can take a long time to resolve, so seeking treatment promptly is essential for a quicker recovery.

Thus, if you have reason to believe that you have a fungal nail infection ,then don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified healthcare provider or a podiatrist. They can assess your condition, confirm the diagnosis, and recommend suitable treatment options, which may include prescription antifungal medications, topical treatments, or other therapies.

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Comparing Curanail and Surgical Spirit

When it comes to treating fungal nail infections, there are various options available, including topical treatments like Curanail and home remedies like surgical spirit. Although understanding the differences between these approaches is crucial in making an informed decision about which one is right for you. So here’s a comparison to help you weigh the pros and cons:

Curanail Fungal Nail Treatment:

  • Effective Antifungal Agent: Curanail contains the active ingredient amorolfine, a powerful antifungal agent. It works by inhibiting the growth of fungi responsible for nail infections.
  • Ease of Use: Curanail is a convenient topical treatment that comes with an applicator. It’s designed for easy application directly to the affected nail.
  • Clinically Proven: This treatment has undergone clinical trials and has been proven effective in treating fungal nail infections.
  • Prescription Required: In the UK, Curanail is available as a pharmacy-only medicine. You’ll need to consult a healthcare professional for a prescription.

Surgical Spirit for Fungal Nail Infection:

  • Home Remedy: Surgical spirit, often referred to as rubbing alcohol, is readily available at most drugstores and can be used as a home remedy for fungal nail infections.
  • Antiseptic Properties: Surgical spirit has antiseptic properties, which means it can help disinfect the affected nail.
  • Affordability: It’s a cost-effective option compared to prescription treatments like Curanail.


  • Effectiveness: Curanail is specifically formulated to treat fungal nail infections and has a higher chance of success due to its targeted antifungal properties. As a matter of fact, surgical spirit may not be as effective in severe cases.
  • Consultation: With Curanail, you’ll have the opportunity to consult a healthcare professional who can diagnose the infection and provide guidance on treatment. Although surgical spirit use may not involve professional advice.
  • Speed of Results: Curanail may provide quicker results compared to surgical spirit, which might require consistent and prolonged use.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of any treatment can vary from person to person, and the choice between Curanail and surgical spirit should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider. Thus, if you suspect you have a fungal nail infection, seeking professional advice is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

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Bucksfoot Clinic: Your Partner in Nail Health

In conclusion, choosing the right treatment for your fungal nail infection is essential for effective and timely resolution. While surgical spirit is an option, Curanail, with its clinically proven effectiveness, remains a popular choice. Whether you’re seeking treatment for fungal nail infections or other foot concerns, Bucksfoot Clinic is here for you. We deliver exceptional care, helping you put your best foot forward in every step of life. Visit our website to learn more.

Remember, early intervention and consistency in treatment are key to successful recovery.


What does a fungal nail look like ?

One of the most noticeable signs is a change in the nail’s appearance. Infected nails may become discoloured, typically turning yellow, brown, or even green.

Are there any side effects of using Curanail?

Like any medication, Curanail may have side effects. These are usually mild and include nail discoloration and irritation. Consult a healthcare provider if you experience any concerning symptoms.

Can surgical spirit completely cure a fungal nail infection?

Surgical spirit may help manage the infection, but it’s not guaranteed to provide a complete cure, especially for severe infections.

How long does it take to see results with Curanail?

The duration of treatment varies, but improvement may be noticeable after a few months. Complete nail recovery can take several months.

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