Can A Foot Doctor or Podiatrist Help with Swollen Feet?

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Can A Foot Doctor or Podiatrist Help with Swollen Feet?

Different parts of the body are more prone to swelling or inflammation, such as the feet or hands. Like most problems, there is a solution. Foot doctor near me or podiatrists can treat swollen feet with the help of a procedure called Medi Pedi treatment. Medi Pedi UK is a medical-grade pedicure treatment that involves the use of cosmetic products rich in botanical elements such as plant extracts. The treatment is painless and is extremely successful in treating foot ailments. A podiatrist qualified in Medi Pedi UK can easily be found on the internet.

Podiatry is the branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower limbs.
A podiatrist is professionally and medically trained to perform the Medi-Pedi treatment.

The Medi Pedi Treatment in the United Kingdom

Medi Pedi treatment in the UK is an established method of finding and addressing foot conditions. Medi Pedi UK, which essentially stands for a medical pedicure, is carried out by a trained foot doctor or foot specialist, also known as a podiatrist. The podiatrist will treat the patient in a sterile environment and identify, diagnose, and treat any foot problems that occur.
The Medi Pedi treatment is in-depth and far more extensive than a regular foot pedicure from a nail or beauty salon. Podiatrists treat diseases like a fungal infection, ingrown toenails, bacterial infections, and warts – all of which would need a professional opinion and advice. A Medi Pedi can identify areas of concern early on and is useful in the prevention of foot impairments. Getting a medical pedicure treatment can avoid diseases in the future.
The best way to look for a foot specialist or a podiatrist is to search ‘foot specialist near me’ or ‘Podiatry near me’ or ‘foot doctor near me’ in your search engine and read the reviews and experience of the foot doctor.

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The Procedure

The entire Medi Pedi procedure is relatively comfortable and relaxing for the patients. This process does not involve the use of sharp objects like surgical knives, and the client avoids pain or the anxiety that comes before the treatment or from the thought of pain. A foot specialist or podiatrist will first assess the problem in the feet, then explain the exact problem and the course of the treatment to the client.

How does Medi Pedi work?

The feet are cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, or material.

  1. The toenails are trimmed and filed to thin the nails if needed.
  2. The toenails are debrided (if required).
  3. The process of thinning the nails will remove the outer layer of the nail plate and restore the toenail to its natural form.
  4. A Medi Pedi will make the nails look healthy.
  5. The process of burr will give the toes a cosmetic feel and reduce discomfort.
  6. The podiatrist will also remedy an ingrown nail.
  7. Remove any hard skin found on the foot (if any).
  8. After the prepping phase is complete, the feet will undergo a wax treatment. Wax treatment is where the feet are submerged in a warm wax bath and covered in warm wax. The process will take a maximum of 15 minutes. The warm wax bath will relax the client and will relieve pain for arthritis patients.
  9. After the wax is removed, the feet become soft and tender.
  10. The podiatrist may apply other oils or creams to the feet.
  11. The gentle massage with the oils and the creams will keep the feet hydrated and help the clients with improved blood circulation and restore the movement in the joints.

A Medi Pedi UK is more than a pedicure or pampering of your feet. Your feet are examined by a medically trained professional or foot doctor near me who advises and treats your swollen feet or many other foot conditions. Each treatment is individually based on the need of the patient rather than providing the same treatment for everyone. Taking care of your feet is essential for good health, well-being and can prevent problems from reoccurring.

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