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It is important to understand that the podiatrist is a highly qualified professional with special expertise in caring for all conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

HCPC registration identifies those who adhere to guidelines on minimum standards of practice. It is also a prerequisite for employment within the NHS. Members are selected at random every two years for audit and must sign a declaration of competence to work in the profession, as well as participation in continuing professional development. These guidelines are there to protect you.
The register was first opened in 2003. It is possible for members of the public to look up whether or not their chosen podiatrist is registered with this body (

Under these guidelines podiatrists are expected to meet criteria on how they work.

Examples include:

*How instruments should be sterilised
scrubbed to remove debris, ultrasonic cleaning to remove smaller particles and then vacuum sterilised where they are packed in pouches for single use.
Some of the instruments/tools are single-use – disposable (files and blades): Waste disposal sharps are initially placed in yellow bins and clinical waste is bagged for removal by specialist contractors for incineration. Paper waste and confidential material is professionally shredded by contractors.

*The type of flooring
Continuous with no joins to reduce cross-infection and improve the potential for sanitising.

*Professional conduct
The ability to safely perform tasks, communicate efficiently with the patient, Carter’s and other professionals.

Podiatrist may belong to a professional body CoP (formally SOCAP) Access to a consultation with a podiatrist may be through the NHS via a GP or self-referral into the private sector.

All podiatrists will be able to advise and treat a wide number of foot pathologies from routine nail care, corns and callus to infections, footwear and preventative care.

Podiatrists hold a BSc Hons in podiatry, usually, a three-year full-time course incorporating clinical learning, placements, and lectures.

Further training and qualifications may lead to Podiatric surgeon status or the ability to prescribe medication relevant to the care of the foot.

Specialisms may include: biomechanics, sports medicine, cosmetic, nail surgery Generalists may treat many of these conditions in a broad sense before referral to colleagues who specialise.

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Meet the team

Leena Lakhani BSc (Hons) MSChP Podiatric Medicine, HCPC Registered
Resident nail surgery lead and practice owner/manager qualified in 1996 from Southampton University

Jez Ousey BSc (Hons) MSChP Podiatric Medicine, HCPC Registered
Biomechanics specialist and sports medicine in podiatry qualified from University of East London

Genevieve Strowger BSc (Hons) MSChP Podiatric Medicine, HCPC Registered
Special interest in dementia care relating to podiatry and medi-pedi/cosmetic lead, Qualified in 1996 from the University of Brighton

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