Growing feet. When your child complains of painful feet, do not ignore it. This can be a lifelong problem, which can be cured, as their bodies, and bones are still being formed, we can help your child.

Podiatry is the specialist care of the foot and any and all ailments stemming from abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb. This area of practice has become further specialized in recent years, with practitioners adopting further education to focus on specific areas of podiatry, thereby providing high caliber and extremely specialized services to anyone looking for treatment.

In this article, we look at the sub-specialty of podiatry known as

Podopaediatrics – or in this case problems with Children’s feet. A number of different foot ailments can affect children from a variety of different backgrounds, these can include structural issues with the foot like flat-footedness, or other, more general issues like ingrown toenails or infections.

We are trained to provide treatment to younger children. Sessions are straightforward and usually involve both parent and child. The podiatrist responsible for delivering treatment will first examine any relevant documents and ask any questions necessary to have a complete understanding of a child’s medical history.

This is an important first step as it informs the podiatrist about any underlying conditions or other issues of which he or she should be aware prior to treatment.

We will then do an exam of the foot to gain a better understanding of the child’s complaint and what may be causing it. If a diagnosis can’t be established through such an exam, then further testing or investigations will be arranged. We have other specialists which can help, like musculoskeletal, or gait analysis.

If a diagnosis is made then the podiatrist will talk through a management plan with both parent and child. Such a plan usually involves steps that can be taken by the parent or child to help the condition, as well as any treatments which would help.

Often, the initial examination will allow us to diagnose and suggest solutions immediately, so they can be very brief. But this can have long-term benefits to your child.

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