Painful Shins (Shin splints)

So, your new fitness plan has caused more problems. You are in pain. Shin Splints are best known as a running injury to the average citizen. Aching or throbbing shins is an ailment that many new runners and many athletes in all sorts of impact-related sports, like football, volleyball, basketball, and sprinting, deal with on a regular basis.

This happens to many new and experienced athletes (and want-to-be athletes). Shin splints, syndrome seems to be an issue encountered more often by new or seasonal athletes.

The tibia is your “shinbone,” the long, straight bone that forms the front of your leg. The tibia carries a significant portion of the impact that goes up your leg when you hit the ground, This also serves as an point for the muscles that control your foot and ankle, all the way from the relatively small ones like which flexes your little toes, to the big calf muscles, which are important for forward movement.

This is also called “exercise-related lower leg pain,” or medial tibial stress syndrome or MTSS. The most obvious symptom, of course, shin pain. The pain usually presents as an aching, burning, or throbbing feeling along the inside edge of the shinbone.

The shin(s) gets progressively more painful throughout the duration of the exercise. Early cases can be a simple ache near the end of a long run but can progress to the point where even short exercise sessions cause pain.

Say goodbye to foot pain

10 ways to prevent “Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome “

  • Talk to us on the early stages.
  • Rest.
  • Some topical steroids
  • Some anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Insoles
  • Change of shoes.
  • Amount of exercise.
  • Type of exercise
  • Stretching exercises before and after the sport
  • Use medical tape or support tape to change the pressure and stress points.

It’s best not to ignore any foot pain that lasts longer than a few days. If you shin splint, come and talk to us, as ignoring it will make it worse.

We will guide you on the next step to take, as well as help you with proper arch supports and padding. We can apply medical-grade strapping to help you manage the paid better. We can also make custom shoe inserts and molds, to remove and redistribute the pressure.

At Bucks Foot Clinic, we are here to make your feet work for you. We want the best solution for you. Call us for an appointment, and let us discuss what we can do together.