Medi Peditreatment

The medi-pedi: introducing some luxury add ons to the routine Podiatry treatment.
This is available to all existing patients (new pts would need to have an assessment appointment prior to booking). It is extremely important that patients make the clinician aware of any allergies as some products used may contain nut extracts.

The medi-pedi treatment incorporates a range of cosmetic products rich in botanicals and plant extracts, chosen for their luxurious feel and fragrance. Some of these products are available to purchase for home use.

Patients can enjoy a number of beauty treatments, with the added confidence and knowledge that the same strict health, hygiene protocols used for the Podiatric treatment are applied to all the beauty aspects.

Patients who wish to have nail varnish must either provide their own base, colour and top coat or purchase from the clinical range. Flip flops are available for patients to purchase, however feel free to bring something suitable afterwards (nail varnish may take a considerable time to be fully dry).

Say goodbye to foot pain