Hip Leg KneeAnkleProblems(GaitAnalysisandin soles)

Hips hurting, Leg Hurting, Ankle painful?

Chances are, it all starts from your feet. The main problem is most people do not take it seriously, where later on, it results in surgery to fix, and correct the issue. It is your body, and you should make sure you get it to last properly for a lifetime. We also call this Biomechanics.

We will check, analyze and investigate how you stand and walk. We have specialist podiatrists, that focus on musculoskeletal analysis and management (That means looking at your bones, the muscles, ligaments, and joints), so we can measure track and find a solution that fits your unique body.

None of us are perfect, and over time, we know that we will need help. The earlier this is done, it keeps you more mobile in your later life. We can investigate how you stand and walks. When we study your gait, we will help you find multiple solutions to manage the issues faced by you.

Make an appointment. If you are concerned about this why not contact us here at the Bucks Foot Clinic and we can work together to provide you with the best results and solutions to your problems.

Identifying Problems. Finding problems in gait can be the key to identifying the cause of pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, back, or neck. This will help determine underlying problems such as bone deformities, movement restrictions, muscle weakness, nerve dysfunction, skeletal or joint malalignments, complications from spasticity or contracture, and complications from arthritis.

Say goodbye to foot pain

Analysis process

At the Bucks Foot Clinic, you will be asked to walk at a comfortable speed while various computerized measurements are made. Several types of measurements may be used depending on the nature of the problem. These measurements will be combined with the doctor’s tests to determine the problem and the recommended treatment.
These can include

  • Foot Step Analysis
  • Force and Pressure Measurements
  • 3-D Motion Analysis
  • Muscle Function Measurements
  • Slow Motion Video

As this is a specialist area, you will be looked after by a musculoskeletal podiatrist. This makes sure that you have the right care, and attention, using all the latest equipment and techniques. This will get you back on your feet in the shortest possible time.

The analysis is the first step in the process. We will give you accurate information, so we can find the right solution. With so many options available on the table, and with your particular case, we can find the right solution to help you.

We can use the latest state of the art equipment, or we can work with simple methods, so you are running around and in the best shape. Together we will find the perfect solution.