Our feet do a lot of work. The body builds extra skin to protect itself. Corn, is hard skins in an area, making it uncomfortable to walk on. This can be caused by your natural walking style, your shows, or even socks, where extra friction is put into one part of the foot, causing the foot to build up the corn.

Based on your feet, and your activity, these can get a lot more uncomfortable and can cause you more pain.

We are always here to help you to take care of them. We can help you manage and look after you and your feet so that it does not interfere with your daily activities.

We can look at your feet and see the cause of the corn, and work with you to remove them, as well as provide both long and short-term solutions for the same.

Where there are many over the shelf solutions to remove the skin of the corn, it is recommended that if this is a regular issue, give us a visit and we can see if there are any other underlying issues that can be causing it.

Say goodbye to foot pain

The Top 10 ways to manage Corns

  • Visit us, so you know the main reason why you have the corn.
  • Get proper fitting shoes to the weight can be distributed correctly..
  • Check that you do not have joins in your socks, or your shoes have smooth insides, which cause local pressure points in the foot.
  • If you have worn soles, please get this replaced, as this increases the rubbing on your skin..
  • Wear socks, when you have shoes.
  • Moisturise your feet regularly. This helps the foot to look after itself. We recommend specialised moisturising foot cream.
  • Do not use knives, scalpels as you can remove too much skin, or cut your self
    Do not use the over the counter corn remedies, as these do not sold the problem, in in some cases can make it worse.
  • Get proper advise, so you can manage your circumstances properly.
  • You can put extra cushioning to help re-distribute the weight.
  • We have an experienced team that can help you look after and care for your feet. We have the best medical lotions and ointments, and can help remove hard skin properly.
  • With your particular case, we want to find the right options for you and your feet. Together we can find the perfect solution.