Bunion care and management

Move then 15% of UK women have bunions. If not treated a bunion normally gets worse over time. They get bigger, and more painful. They can limit the types and styles of shoes you wear. It makes it difficult to walk around on holidays, or in the perfect shoes.

Bunions are usually hereditary. Bunions are not generally caused by shoes. They are most often caused by a defective mechanical structure of the foot which is genetic and these certain foot types make a person prone to the development of a bunion.

They can, however, be made worse by the shoes we wear and the way we walk (biomechanics). This can be made worse by arthritis. Toe spacers or bunion splints may provide temporary relief. But this only lasts as long as they are on.

It is not a long term solution. Surgery is not usually performed for cosmetic reasons, so if you have a bunion, it is better if you look after it. Where we cannot change the damage that is there, we can help prevent it from getting worse.

Say goodbye to foot pain

Top 10 ways to look after bunions

  • Maintain a normal weight. Excess weight makes a bunion worse.
  • Use shoe inserts to help position the foot correctly. These can be over-the-counter arch supports or prescription orthotic devices.
  • Wear a splint at night to hold the toe straight and ease discomfort. (we will need to look at your feet, so you have the correct splint)
  • Protect it from abrasion in your shoes, by a padding. We can help you with the type and where to apply it properly.
  • Use warm soaks, ice packs, and massage. Anything to remove pressure helps your feet.
  • Buy well-fitting footwear that are wide in the toe area. Get the best advice in choosing shoes.
  • Get the right orthotics (insoles), so that we can remove pressure from your toes
  • Use the right stretching exercises
  • Wear wider shoes, wear shoes with a strap / lace over the instep to reduce pressure on the toe.
  • Calf stretches and other exercises.

We can work with you to make sure that the right shoes are chosen, to minimise the pressure on the toes. With the right insoles and orthotics. We can change your walking style (gait) so that we can minimise the impact of this on your feet, and the rest of your body.

We will guide you on the next step to take. At Bucks Foot Clinic, we are here to make your feet work for you. We want the best solution for you. Call us for an appointment, and let us discuss what we can do together.