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The breakthrough treatment for FUNGAL NAIL infection

Introducing the latest treatment at bucksfoot clinic for fungal nails

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What is fungal nail infection?

 Nail fungus is more common than most people believe. This is when a white or yellow spot occurs under the tip of your fingernails or toenails.

As this get more infected, the fungal infection goes deeper into the nail, causing your nail to dis-colour, to thicken and to start crumbling. It can easily be passed from nail to nail.

In the initial stages it is not painful, and may not cause any discomfort. Over time, the fungus will settle into the nail, and cause thicker nails, and get the nails to crumble. This also passes onto other nails and causes athlete’s foot.

Fungal nails can make your feet smell, distort it shape, become brittle, crumbly or ragged, as well as being thick.

Noveon NaiLaser - Designed to treat toenail fungus

Thousands of patients have already benefited from NOVEON Nail lasering. As you may expect from one of the world’s most highly developed laser systems, success rates of 95% have been achieved across the full spectrum of fungal nail infections.


A computer program controls the operation of the Noveon NaiLaser.


The Noveon NaiLaser uses laser pathways connected to patient guards treating up to four toes at a single time.


A patient can instantly stop treatment with a pause switch.


This increases treatment effectiveness and reduces the possibility of heat buildup.

Our Treatments

How it works

Laser energy from two different laser wavelengths in the Noveon laser is simultaneously delivered to the toenail area to kill the fungus in the nail plate and surrounding soft tissue. Surrounding skin, tissue, and even the nail itself is not harmed by the laser energy. Only the fungus in the nail plate will be targeted and destroyed. The procedure does not cause discomfort, nor does it require any numbing.

Length of treatment sessions

Most treatment sessions are performed in less than twenty minutes for one foot. This will largely depend on the number of toenails that are affected and, therefore, how many toenails require treatment.

Recovery from treatment

This is a non-invasive procedure so you can come in for treatment and return to your normal routine immediately after. There is no required downtime afterwards. While there are generally no restrictions placed on the activities you can engage in, wearing shoes that allow plenty of room for the toes and keeping the feet dry is encouraged. Fungus likes warm, damp environments such as in shoes, locker rooms, showers, and around pools.

Results and expectations

Be sure to inquire about results with our staff, so you understand what to expect. In some cases, patients require only one treatment session with our laser and most are effectively treated with just two sessions. The results are not evident right away, as it takes a few months for the healthy nail to grow from its root. Adding specially formulated antifungal toenail polish is always advised to improve the results.

What can i do after treatment?

In some cases the treated area may feel sore but will not prevent you undertaking normal daily activities. Normally any pain or discomfort ends as soon as the treatment is finished but it is possible there may be some minor discomfort. However one of the great things about Swift is there is no broken skin, also no dressings and no need to keep it dry. Therefore you can do anything you wish. Swim, shower, run, jump and play.